Point of View • Point of You 2011

Point of view – Point of you – 2011

The People Team Foundation has been organising camps for children and young people since 1991. Approximately 1000 x 7-17 year olds take part in our camps every summer.
The growing number of participants every year (a vast number of returning campers amongst them) is testimony to the success of our programmes. During the years the organisational and working schedule has been worked out, a „timetable”, a permanent, but constantly widening organisational group (organisers, directors, teachers, animators, other professional groups), who claims the foundation’s aims as their own, who strive to achieve the successful realisation of the camps and who, with their high-level qualifications and adequate experience insure that appropriate professional standards are maintained. Taking the camps’ thematics, as well as the participants’ needs, interests and feedback into due consideration, we plan and expand year after year.

Our camp is located in the fully equipped GAMF dormitory in Kecskemét. 2x2 bed living quarters, with bathrooms, await participants. The infrastructure of the camp location also aids the success of the project: we work with state-of-the-art computers, video-cameras and cameras. Our volunteers can only become members of the team after a rigorous, multi-stage entrance exam. Intermediate level knowledge of English and at least one other foreign language is a basic prerequisite. More info: www.peopleteam.hu/english

Aim of the project
• to assist the youth to get to know themselves better and
• to make them learn about the world with the help of drama pedagogy and other artistic means;
• to convince them that although their opinion and point of view is highly important, they also need to accept the diversity of the world, because that's what makes it so colourful

During the two-week program, the participants will create three different Stories from pieces they themselves produce. They will, however, only discover the whole Stories, when all the pieces have been produced and the fragments are put together, i.e. at the end of the programme. The participants will be working in (mixed nationality) groups of 10. Every day each group will create a short story consisting of 3 to 6 strips/frames (i.e. their daily episode of the Story which is to be compiled by the end of the programme) related to the topic of the day. They will be expected to document/record the strips/frames using the method assigned for that particular day. At the end of each day, they will have to share the last frame/strip with the members of the other groups, and each group will have to use the frame provided by another group as the starting point of next day's work.
Every day will start with role-plays, different brainstorming activities and discussions to help the participants tune up for the day's topic.

SUNDAY arrival
MONDAY group building
TUESDAY big city – small town collage, montage, painting and drawing
WEDNESDAY In and out (i.e. stylish - unstylish) still of ourselves
THURSDAY joy – sorrow collecting memories
FRIDAY femininity – masculinity interviews with he locals
SATURDAY Budapest sightseeing
SUNDAY day of rest Sports, swimming pool, arts and crafts
MONDAY virtual – real community photos using natural materials
TUESDAY giving and accepting help music, voices (Dictaphone)
WEDNESDAY European citizen - national citizen international day and inventing a new game
THURSDAY poverty – wealth garbage sculptures
FRIDAY summary/conclusion
SATURDAY leaving

On most of the days, the participants will be expected to produce something for the Stories. Day 5, however, will be different. It will be devoted to working on and analysing the topic of the day (joy and sorrow) in small groups. The participants will not be expected to produce strips/frames, just to collect memories.

- Participants: 6 youngsters and 1 leader from each country
- 5 countries
- Advanced plannig visit: 2011. 05.13-2011.05.15
- Youth exchange: 2010. 07.03-2010.07.16.

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