July 25th – July 31th | August 1st – August 7th | August 8th – August 14th | Sunday–Saturday

Spring is here and summer will be here in the blink of an eye. Plan ahead to make the most of your summer break. Have you ever considered going to summer camp?


It’s your summer—why would you spend your precious months in classes and activities? Because this is a fun way to meet new people who share the same interests as you! Each program at PEOPLE TEAM offers a different experience with a unique mix of fellow campers and experienced leaders. You’ll learn skills and get experience only possible in such an intensive and supportive environment.

It’s important you get acquainted with the camp before arriving. Look over the options with a big brother or sister or your parents! Familiarize yourself with the camp leaders and teachers. Recruit one or two of your friends to join!


Sharing a summer with friends? No boredom? Useful topics? Loads new every year? All this and more at PT-camp! Start the morning off right learning new things and then spend your afternoon and evening full of fun events. This is PEOPLE TEAM and has been for 30 summers!

There are plenty of choices for programs while you’re at camp, all meant to be exciting and fun—your free time and enjoyment are just as important to us as to you! In 1991 we started as a language camp, but now we have 30 course options.


07:30–08:45 WAKE-UP & BREAKFAST
08:45–09:00 WAMING UP
09:00–10:00 60 MINUTE CLASS
10:00–10:30 BREAK
10:30–11:30 60 MINUTE CLASS
11:30–12:00 BREAK
12:00–13:30 90 MINUTE CLASS
13:30–14:30 LUNCH
18:00–19:30 DINNER
22:00–22.30 BEDTIME
22:00–23:00 NIGHT PLUS | 13+ | 14+

Apart from the language programs, it would be pointless to impose a structured schedule in advance. The film students are shooting and cutting day and night; journalists produce reports and write, write, write; IT professionals have bits and bytes racing through their veins at all hours; photographers are clicking away, even in their sleep; green campers go on field visits and spend nights staring through telescopes at the stars; cooking campers are baking and cooking; and sports and dance students constantly on the move. The actors keep to their own eccentric schedule based on wherever and whenever their next piece is to be presented. The artists are all dreaming of weaving on canvas.

Just so you understand: no overbearing structure, no iron discipline! But it is important that everyone chooses their theme carefully and takes it seriously for their own benefit and that of others in the camp.

No individual activity in the afternoons is mandatory, but it’s absolutely impossible to be bored—there’s bound to be something to do that you will enjoy. The bottom line is flexibility and fun, so anything can happen, but the adventure is in choosing for yourself!


Campers will form teams which are in competition against each other. Throughout the course of the camp these “battles” will rage, with some teams winning some, others others, but ultimately there will be only one champion. Rest assured no one will go unrewarded for their efforts, though!

There will be loads of gifts, prizes, sweets, cool T-shirts, umbrellas, cameras, masks, compasses and stopwatches, games, comics, books, scooters, surprises and heaps more!

The prizes and surprises start as soon as you arrive and collect your PT-shirt or PT-scarf and folder—you’ll see!

Just to make sure you remember all the fun you had at camp, we’ll be filming and taking photos at every turn (over 3000 each session), which we’ll happily provide on request at the end of camp for your future viewing pleasure!


Every camper will receive a bar-coded card for use in the buffet. It’s just like a regular bank card and can only be used by the authorized camper to which it’s assigned. It helps protect everyone’s money and speeds up lines.

If you have other valuable items you can leave them in the buffet under the watchful eyes of our staff, but even better leave them at home and enjoy your stay worry-free! Any remaining balance on the card will be refunded at the end of your stay.

Discounts are credited to the camper’s buffet card upon arrival. For more information, please see the ‘Discounts’ section of our website.

It’s up to you and your parents how much spending money to bring to the camp. You can get treats and goodies (chocolate, ice cream, pretzels, soft drinks and more) in the camp buffet, but everything else (meals, tickets, programs, local transport, etc.) will be covered by PEOPLE TEAM.


In 2021 the PEOPLE TEAM buses will leave Budapest at 12:00 (on Sunday) and arrive at the dormitory in Kecskemét around 13:45. After you register, find your room, and unpack you can have a quick look around, find old friends, have a sandwich, and check the place out.

The camp opening ceremony will start at 15:00. If you plan to study a language at the camp you’ll have a written placement test on arrival or by 18:00 at the latest. If you are part of another section, you’ll have a chance to meet your fellow campers for your morning sessions and then quickly review your planned syllabus with your teacher/instructor/coach/etc. After that it’s dinner! If you don’t want to miss the opening ceremony, make sure you’re registered and settled in by around 14:45.


On the last day of camp there will be a friendly writing test (for you to judge your own performance, not for any sort of formal grading), just as proof of what you have learned over your morning lessons. The buses leave at 13:00 and arrive back in Budapest shortly after 14:00.

Those who’ve applied for a double session will, of course, stay, and will essentially have an extra day of experience with their teachers/leaders.

We arrange private buses from Budapest to Kecskemét and back at the beginning and end of each session. The cost of the bus is not included in the camp fee, and it is not mandatory to take the bus. Nevertheless, we recommend it to “veteran” campers, to catch up with friends as soon as possible and “newbies” alike, who would like to meet their fellow campers on the way to camp.


Tell all your friends about the camp so they won’t miss out on the party! We’ll happily provide you with brochures, posters, leaflets and anything more that you might need. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Pens and pencils, a notebook, and small dictionary. A photocopy of your health insurance card and a copy of the certificate verifying you’re fit for camp. The last one is mandatory due to health and safety regulations in Hungary. If you’re not a resident of Hungary, we recommend you get travel insurance for your stay in the camp, just in case. Better safe than sorry! And don’t leave your smile and good mood at home, either!


It’s important you only bring as much as you can carry! We are extremely child-oriented at the camp, but (not surprisingly) there are always more campers than staff, so you should be prepared to manage on your own, at least to some extent!

A toothbrush, soap, and other essentials are, of course, important, and you should also pack 7 + 1 clean socks and underwear (weekly). The same applies to T-shirts and shorts. Don’t forget to bring a pair of trousers, a warm sweater, a windbreaker, and some closed-toe shoes in the case of inclement weather. Pack at least two changes of swimwear and some high-SPF sunscreen, especially if you like sunbathing! It’s also a good idea to bring two towels-one for showering and one for the pool. Last, but not least, bring a light hat or cap to help protect from sun. Make sure your parents have checked your bag to make sure you’ve packed everything!

If you take any special medicine (regularly or on occasion), you will have to give it to the camp leader on arrival. We’re prepared for all kinds of accidents and incidents in the camp and have trained medical professionals on-site and with all necessary medical supplies, ready to make sure you’re always fit and healthy while at camp!

We have no rules against parents visiting their kids while at camp. If a camper isn’t feeling well or enjoying themselves to the fullest, we encourage them to talk to their parents. If you’re independent, feel free to let your parents know you’ll be fine on your own for your time at camp. We’re willing to work with all situations!


We’re here to make sure you enjoy yourself at camp (the same reason you’re here, in case that’s not clear yet!), but we’re not (always) mind-readers. So if you have a problem (health issues, trouble with other campers, struggling with your classes, etc) don’t hesitate to bring it to the attention of any member of staff. We’re available 24 hours a day—no issue is too small! Communication is the best way to make sure everyone enjoys their time at camp!

For practical reasons we can’t always bring campers to the camp land line, so we suggest instead you give your parents the mobile number of the camp leader: +36 20 933 5495 in case they need to reach you.


If there are things you can’t (or don’t) eat, or you need to keep a special diet for health reasons (diabetes, gluten allergy, vegetarianism, or other reasons), just let us know before camp starts so we can plan accordingly! The kitchen that prepares meals works directly for us so we can request they meet precisely your special needs.

We have about 70 teachers, instructors, coaches, and other staff supervising the life of the camp during each session (about 6-7 campers per staff member). However, if you deliberately or carelessly cause damage, you and your parents will be held responsible. So let’s take care of ourselves and our environment! The same applies to your valuables. We will only take responsibility for valuables deposited with us. The rooms are not locked, but you can get a locker key if you ask at reception. The building is only used by the campers and camp staff, so if something goes missing it usually just turns up lost and not stolen.


No harmful habits will be tolerated—this is a children’s’ camp! Anyone who thinks or acts differently will be sent home immediately with no refund of the camp fees. Our intent is to respect each other and the whole camp community. We’re sure you and your parents can agree with us on that!

The registration cost is 75 000 HUF | 250 EUR. The application must be filled out by a parent or legal guardian, but that’s all we’ll say for now about this—leave the official parts to your parents!


If anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to write us to ask for more information!


The English Camp is one of the oldest programs in PT-camp.

On the first day there will be a written placement test, followed by an oral interview. These will facilitate your placement in a level fitting with your previous English experience. Once we get everyone’s results we’ll break you up into 6-8 groups based on proficiency.


In the mornings there will be 2x 90-minute and 1x 60-minute courses, with sufficient breaks in between to recharge your batteries. At the end of the week there will be a final written exam and diplomas will be awarded for your efforts.

With only a couple exceptions, our teachers are native English speakers who will help campers perfect their pronunciation and facilitate easy and effective communication. Since campers have direct, native examples to work from, their speaking skills improve quickly. The little ones just learn the basics, with Hungarian-speaking teachers holding workshops in their mother tongue to help if necessary.

Each group has its own room with a computer, projector, and digital whiteboard. Each teacher sets the curriculum only after assigning and meeting all the members of their group, with the curriculum being adjusted based on students’ individual experience and needs.

Any issues or questions arising from their morning courses can be addressed in the afternoon, as well, with their instructors always around and available for any questions that may come up.

Every year many foreign students attend the camp, so all the campers have a great opportunity to practice the language and make new friends!


One of our most interesting projects is the HSL course. Kids choosing this section are obviously foreigners, generally tied to Hungary in some way. They may be of Hungarian descent living in a different country, the children of expats, or foreign kids staying in the country temporarily because of their parents’ work. Those who come from abroad would like to make Hungarian friends and learn more about our culture, while those who are living in Hungary temporarily would like to improve and perfect their knowledge of Hungarian.

In this way, our Camp is a kind of melting pot of different cultures and diverse personalities, and we guarantee that any camper will have a terrific time with us!


PT offers an intensive, communication-centred HSL course in small groups which guarantees that all students are given sufficient attention. Our Camps, however, are like a big family, so campers will not only be members of a small group but of a big community.

The classes are held in the mornings: 2 x 90 and 1 x 60 minutes daily.

On the first day of camp, students’ knowledge of the language will be tested so that each of them is assigned to a class that best suits their level. They will each receive a booklet and handouts specifically designed for their group. At the end of the course (and the session) they will be given a final written test, to demonstrate how much progress they have made; the result of which will be included in their PEOPLE TEAM-certificate, alongside a comprehensive written evaluation of their work and progress during the classes.

The afternoons will be spent having fun and playing games. We’ll do our best to ensure that our campers make friends and have a really good time in Kecskemét.


We’re sure many of you have felt that you could write a funnier script than Tarantino, film a cheesier romance than James Cameron, take a bite of a shark better than Steven Spielberg, or make a bigger explosion than Michael Bay, but where to begin? Come to PEOPLE TEAM!

The PEOPLE TEAM film campers will spend their weeks learning the basics of filmmaking, ranging from recruitment to cutting to post-production. All students will have a chance to try out all stages of production with an experienced team.


What else is needed? We already have cameras, a studio, computers, and cutting software, so really all we need is you!

Over 500 short films have been made over the past PT-camps.



Only in Hungarian.


Photography campers are given the ability to learn a number of different skills and techniques within photography, all led by our skilled, professional photographers.

Our photographers summarize the course by saying, “We try to get the most out of every child’s own vision, working in small groups and sometimes individually, to get to know the many aspects of photography: technical and historic foundations, analog and digital imaging and procedures, contemporary and classic, domestic and international work. There is plenty to do and see.”


You will learn how to use Photoshop and Bridge image processing software, and will be able to to process images independently by the end of the course. At the end there will be an exhibition of your work..

If you choose photography, it means you are diligent and enthusiastic! It’s best if you have your own camera, are over 13, and don’t mind sometimes working inside or outside in the afternoons.



Only in Hungarian.


For years, PEOPLE TEAM has offered contemporary arts and crafts and workshops for children. We believe ingenuity, inspiration and creative thinking generate great results. Through many different materials, media, and tasks we see art created for, by, and to the delight of the children!


Cultivating a creative mindset is the focus. No boring theory lessons, just exhilarating experiences and hands-on activities every day. The children draw, paint, dye, and spin pottery, and their works are exhibited at the end of camp.

Letterhead and greeting card design, rubber stamps, stone painting, fabric bag printing, candle-dipping, weaving, sculpting, creating collages, charcoal drawing, watercolor, pastels, and crayons are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of options, as the kids themselves may have ideas of their own they can’t wait to get involved with.


In cooperation with National Geographic, peek into the biggest NG secrets: people, animals, continents, Egyptology, entomology, volcanoes, catastrophes, stars, relativity, cosmology, and much, much more!

There are children who haven’t seen a horse in their lives. And there are horses who haven’t seen… Well, obviously there are far fewer of the latter than the former.


Yes, the PT Green Camp was created precisely to improve these statistics. If you choose this theme, you’ll visit a zoo, meet a real beekeeper or visit a dog shelter, learn about volcanoes, rocks, and innumerable natural phenomenon, and gain insight into tremendously exciting events, such as disasters or storms.

People, animals, continents, relativity, cosmology, and much, much more is waiting for you. It could be that, after a pig heart dissection in the morning, observing insects in the south field after lunch, then saving snails from a flood, and listening to a lecture on the end of the world – you’ll be the last person to settle into sleep, because at midnight you’ll be staring at the stars through telescopes.



Only in Hungarian.



Only in Hungarian.


Anyone can make a cup of tea: kettle, tea, filter, hot water, and you can smell when it’s done. Obviously it’s not a problem throwing together a rough sandwich when your little brother asks you to. And believe me, making a palacsinta isn’t that tricky, you only need a feel for…the taste!

You can learn to cook, even if you’ve never tried. Don’t believe us?


Every day we’ll learn traditional cooking techniques and recipes, as well as specialties which are simple, but very tasty, to better dazzle your family when you return home.

From rice and noodles to start, to fries and salads, followed next by meat and lecso, but we’re still far from done. On the third day we have three tastes: fried egg and sausage will brighten up the breakfast table, double chocolate muffins will be for dessert over lunch, and your fans can nibble on apple oat biscuits. All of these you’ll make yourself!

We’ll learn national classics you’ve seen in markets and restaurants, but also more exotic dishes, from croque monsieur to tiropitakia.

At the end of each week we organize a banquet, to which you can invite your friends in other sections of the camp and you will be rewarded with a honorary diploma for your enthusiasm and efforts. “We never regret eating too little”, may say the large man, but “Only he who knows how to cook really likes to eat well,” is rather considered by many. Here at PT we will surely all like it!


Some people get up to run or work out early in the morning. For those who do the same for sports, this is the camp for you—based on interest and age, and directed by our coaches.

There are loads of possibilities to choose from: football on an artificial turf pitch, field hockey, floorball, squash, basketball or handball in paved outdoor courts, volleyball on two competition-sized fields, tennis on two artificial turf fields, table tennis, gym training, swimming, trampoline and many more.


We pay special attention to encouraging new experiences for the sport campers. Every day will be different, with you given a chance to try any number of new sports and old favorites in the morning and then joining everyone else from the rest of camp for afternoon activities. So if you’d like to try American football, karate, aikido and capoeira, sign up for PT sport camp! And don’t be surprised if, on at least one occasion, you have to play against a Quidditch team. Chess is also included, because it’s also a sport, of course, but Quidditch is arguably more exciting.

The morning sessions are run in shifts, in order to get to try out as many sports as possible, but also only ones you want to try based on what you enjoy or are good at.


For our dance campers, the highlight of camp is the end-of-week competition for dance and choreography, which the children and counselors have been preparing all week.


And what will you choose to practice for those seven days? Hip hop, jazz dance, acrobatics, dance gymnastics – these are our main building blocks of dance camp. Don’t be surprised, however, if show dance, ballroom dance, salsa, Zumba or even belly dancing are also options.

“Movement is for everyone and of course everyone moves” is our basic idea by which we lead our dancers.


A list of things unique to PT, in alphabetical order.


30 years | In 2021, PEOPLE TEAM celebrates 30 years of camp. The foundation has seen over two decades of success, with the proof in the pudding being so many campers returning year after year.


2 + 2 beds, fully equipped | Accommodation is cozy and fully equipped, with all the conveniences of home, save mom!


5–10 student groups, learning materials | Our course groups are put together with special attention paid to grouping campers of similar age, knowledge, and skill levels. We always strive for small group numbers so that everyone is given a better chance to learn and feel involved in the classes. This isn’t school—it’s much more than that!


122 sessions | In 2021 we’ll see 122 discrete learning sessions. The fun had and lessons learned in our camp are key to keeping our campers sharp over the summer break.


24 000 campers | In 2021, PEOPLE TEAM saw 23 204 students camp with us. Most flattering was the high number of campers returning after previous years.


Afternoon and evening programs | The morning classes will follow the themes chosen by the individual campers, but we offer a myriad of afternoon and evening programs for the campers to choose between, as well. No one will be bored!


Bilingual staff | All of our staff speak at least one foreign language. The lingua franca of the camp is Hungarian, but we understand bilingualism is important in the world at large and we try to encourage that in the camp as well, even for those students not in a language program.


Brand new computers | Every year, there are 80 brand-new computers at the disposal of the IT, photography, and journalism campers during their morning lessons and for all campers’ internet use in the afternoons.


Bus service | Campers love our own private bus service from Budapest to Kecskemét because they’re eager to get to camp and have the chance to make new friends en-route.


Diplomas | At the end of each session, every camper will receive an honorary diploma. This document is both a summary of what you’ve accomplished as well as a roadmap forward.


Discounts | One week at PEOPLE TEAM camp is 75 000 HUF. We also offer discounts. Any discounts will be credited to the forint-point buffet account upon arrival.


Everything for everyone | The morning classes are chosen in advance, but every afternoon you can try anything. So you can learn some foreign languages, shoot some photos, or crack an astronomer’s code, if you feel like it. There are plenty of other options to let you get a taste of something new and exciting.


Forign campers | If you’re having trouble finding the ability to use a foreign language in everyday life or find that your half-hearted attempts are being lost to a sea of silence, fear not: there are loads of foreign campers to practice your skills with.


Forint-points for the buffet | We run our own buffet/cafeteria, where all campers and counselors can only buy things with their forint-points. We utilize a barcode/card system to avoid the use of cash and safeguard valuables.


Get-togethers through the year | We cannot help it (or perhaps are to blame) that campers form close friendships. So we also host gatherings throughout the year where camp friends, new and old, can get together so they don’t have to wait until summer to see each other again!


Gifts | After a week (or two or tree) at PEOPLE TEAM you won’t take home only memories—there are tons of gifts and prizes—no one will go home empty-handed!


Guarantee | We guarantee that if a camper has to leave a camp up to the 5th day, we’ll offer a proportional refund for the time missed. We don’t want anyone to leave with a bad taste in their mouth in the event of unforeseen circumstances (e.g.—a case of mumps).


Pictures and videos | Every summer we take more than 10 000 pictures and countless videos to make sure it will be a summer to remember!


Pizza and vegan days | Who cares about calories!? It’s become a PEOPLE TEAM tradition that several times over the summer we’ll have pizzas and vegan burgers ordered to camp. The kids love it and so do we!


Student-teacher relations and youth counselors | Running the camp is a demanding task, with everyone needing to give over 100%. Our group of youthful but experienced counselors help make sure everything runs smoothly. It’s like one big family. Teachers and students frequently end up best friends and we both try to learn from each other—teachers make sure they stay young at heart, while both students and teachers try not to get into too much mischief!


Selective waste collection | At our camps we always pay special attention to safeguarding the environment. We have selective recycling bins throughout the camp and make sure we separate our trash accordingly.


T-shirts | Of course there’ll be T-shirts, it’s PEOPLE TEAM! Returning campers may bring their previous years’ shirts—if we’re really lucky, maybe we’ll see some from older siblings or friends from as far back as 1995! But this year, too, there’ll be T-shirts or scarfs for everyone.


Year-round availability | We are available every month out of the year. The Foundation’s office at the camp is always open to visitors. We’ll gladly help answer any questions or concerns you have—just ask!


Unlimited fruit | Fruits (bananas, apples, oranges, peaches, plums) and carrots are available for free in the buffet. This is both healthy and practical: no need for us to worry about going hungry between meals because the buffet is always open.


Three one-week long sessions of 500 campers in Kecskemét with a proven team, specialized courses, fun programs and parties. Twin rooms, comfortable lodging, full board, fruits and veggies, and whatever else your heart desires.

The camp is grouped into three sections:

I | Morning group studies, in groups of 4-15 campers according to your chosen topic of 13, lead by trained teachers, professionals, and coaches.


II | Afternoon and evening programs of independent groups of 20-25 (camper-chosen, but balanced by staff as necessary.


III | The larger camp community and activities which include all the campers, regardless of their chosen theme.


The campers will participate in at least three small-group sessions (a total of 210 minutes) before choosing between other programs organized for them until evening curfew. Between quizzes, competitions, social games, sports, and special guests, a PT-vacation will certainly be memorable, but also the perfect harmony of freedom, fun, and creativity.

All three help build community, with all campers working with, adapting to, and befriending each other. The optional inclusive afternoon and evening programs help everyone – regardless of sex, age, experience, or fitness – have fun together!

We’re getting ready for intensive morning classes, a truly international team, great teachers, and great fun with loads of photos, gifts, prizes and memories.



I am 14 years old and I’d like to register for beginner’s information technology. Will I be enrolled in a class with kids much younger than me?
IT campers work individually on their own computer. Though we can’t provide an instructor for every student, campers can work on their selected tasks at their own speed. To decide whether you are “beginner” or “intermediate” we consider how much experience you have in IT, not your age.

What does Donor mean on the registration form?
We are a Foundation. The costs of the camp are covered from incoming donations. 1 camper = 1 donor. A donor is an entity that donates money to the Foundation; could be a person or a legal entity.

How many English and IT and Hungarian lessons a day?
There’s two 90 min and one 60 min sessions every day. Our schedule was set up keeping in mind the needs of our busiest camps, like the English and IT and HSL camps. There are 25 English and HSL classes. If we had no schedule, there would be chaos. The same is true for IT. We are using one large room for instructions, so kids start working on their assignments and can take breaks at the same time. Some days language teachers arrange extra afternoon sessions; the IT room is available for a few hours in the afternoon as well.

I am 13. Can I register as an actor for the media-movies camp?
Of course! Go ahead!

What’s the registration deadline?
We have ongoing registration for as long as we have places. Spots usually start filling up faster in June, and we always send out a heads up on social media when only a few are left.

When do I have to send in my payment?
After you receive a confirmation of your registration from us.

What happens if I get sick and I can’t go to camp?
Nothing. In case your Donor already made a payment, we can refund them without any deduction.

I registered for English, but in the meantime I passed my language exam, so I’d like to switch to photography. What shall I do?
We will switch you, no problem. Just let us know – that’s it. Good job! Congrats! Can’t wait to see you in camp!

My daughter is 15. She wants to do the English camp. Will there be others in her age group??
There are around 500 kids in each camp in total. Out of these, at least 150-170 want to study English in 25, different level classes. We usually have EVERY age group in language classes. Last year we had the following number of English learners between ages 13 and 17: 1st camp: 92, 2nd: 85, 3rd: 96.

Is that true that English teachers don’t speak Hungarian??

The 3 of us would like to share a room. Is that possible?
Yes. We have a few 3-bed rooms. Most of our rooms have two beds and we can provide an extra folding bed on request.

I am a speech therapist. I often work with 1st and 2nd grade kids, who were born here, but their parents are not Hungarian, and they speak their own language at home. At school these kids find it hard to keep up with Hungarian instructions and they fall behind. They lack sufficient vocabulary and mispronounce sounds. Do you have Hungarian language camps for them?
Our youngest campers are 7 years old. The question is not so much how old, but how independent they are. Are they mature enough to spend 1, 2 or 3 weeks in a camp environment? Younger campers get more attention and guidance from our staff, but they might still miss their family. As far as class content is concerned, our Hungarian teachers are prepared for every age group.

Is the camp in a fenced area?
The dorms, the inner park areas, the Hangar, and the main square are, but we rarely lock the gates. The sports courts and trampolines are not fenced around. There are several check points with guards on the campus. The dorms have receptionists near the entrance, and night guards are on duty covering the whole area of the campus. The instructor – student ratio is 1 to 7. We have used these premises since 2005, and no one ever disappeared. We are a safe environment.

What do we get to eat?
We provide three meals a day. Breakfast is mainly rolls and pastries, for lunch and dinner we usually serve cooked meals, salads, and sandwiches. You can always get a second serving. If you don’t like a menu item, let us know, and you can pick something else. We don’t serve soup and dessert – you can get them at the snack bar. There is always a stack of fruits and veggies available at the Hangar. If, after a meal, you are still hungry, you can purchase instant soups, baguette, mini pizza, rice and tea at the snack bar for HUF 50 each. We also have drinking fountains – we have hot summers.

My daughters, 9 and 11, would like to go to your camp. Can we drop them off in the morning, and pick them up at night?
Yes. Please check the “DOES NOT NEED ACCOMMODATION” box.

My daughter has gluten sensitivity. Can you accommodate her?
Yes. We have a gluten free menu available.

My son takes medications. Can he participate in your camp?
Yes. We have two medical doctors on duty throughout the camp. Please hand the medications with instructions to the doctors when you drop off your child at the camp. They will make sure that your child takes them as prescribed.

Do we need to bring bed linen?
No. We provide them. However, if you have a favorite sleeping bag, you can bring it along.

My parents are planning a visit. I love melons. Can they bring me some?
Yes, but you can ONLY eat it at the Hangar. You cannot take food to the dorms.

I am going to do acting in the first camp. Can my mom come and see our performance at the end of the camp?
Sure. If we have a performance, we notify everyone about it.

Can I bring a ventilator?

I would like to bring my pet rat. I keep it in a cage, I only let it out in my room.
NO NO NO NO! We love animals, rats too (really), but you cannot have any pet in the dorms with you.

Are there lower grade English learners?
We set up classes for different age groups and skill levels, so we could keep younger campers separate from the older ones.

I am 10 years old. Can I enroll for the Green Camp?
Sure! Absolutely!

How many 7-8-year-olds are there in each camp? We mostly see older ones in the video footages.
There are usually 30 to 40 younger campers. Maybe you should go back and watch more footages about the camp.

What is the camp schedule in the afternoon?
Click on this link.

Do we learn to dance with a partner in the dance camp?
Most of the dance styles you will learn fit in the choreography of a musical on stage.

Do you have a soccer camp?
We have a sports camp, soccer is one of the sports your can try.

My twin speaks better English than I do. Can we still be in the same class?
If there’s a considerable difference in your knowledge, most likely you won’t be in the same class. You can still share a room and participate in the afternoon and evening programs together.

Can I take the food that I buy at the snack bar back to my room?
No. That’s why we have the check point near the Hangar at the main square. The soft drink bottles are recyclable, and food is considered a hazard in the dorms. Pizza can be smeared on the walls, wet underpants can get frozen in the freezer … campers have all sorts of fun ideas to play with food and refrigerators. The snack bar is ALWAYS open. “Go, get something and eat it right there.” That’s our rule for the snack bar.

What clothes shall I pack?
Bring two sets of clothing more than the number of days you are going to spend with us. We can help you out, but it’s better to be prepared. The closets are big enough to store your stuff.

What if the English entry test is too hard?
That’s not going to happen. You will take a written test and also an oral examination on the day of your arrival. You have nothing to be scared of though! The written part is only a few words and sentences, and the oral part is a conversation. We do these tests so our teachers could get a better picture of what you know, since this is the first time they meet you. Everybody is young, enthusiastic, kind and helpful. No kidding, really! If you are too anxious, you can find one of our three mentors. They speak Hungarian as well, and you can talk to them any time.

I am scared of dogs. I saw a dog show in the camp schedule.
It’s optional. If you’re scared of dogs, watch it from a distance, or pick another event. It’s also possible that we won’t have a dog show during your selected camp.

I registered for two camps, the second and the third one. I will be abroad before that so I will miss the release of the movie “Valerian and the city of a thousand planets”. Can I watch it in the movies during the camp?
Sure. We love Luc Besson as well. Let us know, and we’ll arrange it.

If the three of us are going, can we still get the discount for the second person?
No. If you bring THREE FRIENDS, you don’t have to pay for your camp. Bring one more friend! There’s still time to recruit.

I don’t eat pork. Will I have something else to eat?
Yes. We don’t eat much pork either. Most likely we’ll only have pork in the form of cold cuts for dinner. Pick something else.

I have a Samsung SM-G935F GALAXY S7 EDGE. Can I bring it to camp?
Please, don’t bring expensive items with you. You may break or lose them, they may break down, or get stolen … You will be fine for a few days without your expensive phone.

My son would like to choose sport, but is concerned he’ll have to run long distance, which he doesn’t like. My daughter is a competitive dancer and her knees don’t like running, but she loves other sports. What do you recommend?
This isn’t how it works. Every counselor adjusts the activities and schedule according to the needs of the campers in his/her care. Anyone who doesn’t like running can play other sports, or simply run shorter distances. Don’t hesitate to have your children speak up during camp—if there’s anything that makes them uncomfortable let us know immediately—we always try to make sure everyone is happy!

What’s the age limit for sports camps?
Our campers are 7-17 years old. Each camp can accommodate about 500 people. There are 13 themes, one of them is sports. There are usually 30-40 campers doing sports, on average they are 11-14 years old.

What’s your phone number?
Here is a link to our contact details.

If I stay more than one week, can my parents visit? If yes, when?
They’re welcome at any time, just make sure they call first to make sure we’re not at the water park or elsewhere!

What time should I arrive on the first day?
Everyone should arrive by 15:00 or anytime before.

My daughter will turn 10 during the second camp. Will you celebrate her birthday for us?
We celebrate all birthdays anyway, but if you have anything specific you’d like us to do, just ask!

I am curious about the programming camp. Specifically what programming languages will be taught, and at what level?
We conduct class in C# Windows Forms. Usually there are 2-3 groups per camp session, broken down by knowledge/previous experience. Beginners start with the basics (variables, branches, cycles), and by the end of the week have created a simple game (i.e. – drag the cursor out of a “maze”, without touching the walls). Intermediate campers usually arrive with ideas already and we offer guidance if they get stuck (i.e. – virtual table tennis). There is also a third group, typically with experience between the first two groups (i.e. – experience programming, but in another language). The bottom line is: no matter your experience, we’ll find a place for you!

When can I sign up for camp, and where do the workshops take place?
You can apply from mid-March. Everything takes place in the Kecskemét camp area, which is huge.

I read that the children are supervised until 22:00. I do not want to keep them up that late, but if there is an event that starts at 17:00/18:00, can they join it?
The children are always looked after, and at 22:00 they have curfew. Typically campers stay until the last event, but if they are day-campers you can pick them up whenever. (Of course, for the younger ones late nights can be exhausting, so if they get tired earlier we will take them to bed.)

What are the hours of the day-camp program? Can day campers also take part in afternoon/evening events?
Activities are available from wake-up to curfew and day campers can participate in any and all programs.

We only need day camp. Can my child also join for the themed morning activities?
Naturally! The day campers are just the same as everyone else with one exception: they don’t sleep there.

My grandson doesn’t turn seven until October. Can he come to camp with his 9-year-old brother?
Not a problem—there are several 6-year-olds who join their older siblings.

If we can not fill a box on the application form, because we don’t have it (i.e. – social security number, etc.) what should we do?
Simply enter 000000000.

My daughter and her friend, aged 14-15, are absolute beginners in English. Is it possible for them to learn with the beginners group?
We teach English at all levels. However, this is under the assumption that everyone is starting at some basic level. If by “absolute beginners” you mean they really have no English experience (greetings, requests, apologies, alphabet, movies/songs, and/or simple phrases) they may be in trouble because while we group campers based on experience, all rough age groups learn together (i.e. — 10-12-year-olds). So we’ll leave the final decision to the girls, but I’m sure we can make something work!

Are the English teachers also there on Saturday?
The English teachers are here for the full duration of all the camps.

When do the children who will only stay for one week go home?
Those students who do not stay for multiple weeks go home on Saturday. And the bus that takes children back to Budapest leaves at 10:00.

Are there Sunday activities?
Sunday there are also programs, but they’re more relaxed because new students begin arriving in the morning and continue all day. For those that arrive on Sunday morning there are afternoon activities.

How many bedrooms do you have?
We have 240 double rooms in two buildings. Every 2 rooms share a bathroom, and so every 4 children share one bathroom with 1 toilet, 2 sinks, and a shower, plus they share a small fridge, and of course each camper has his own individual wardrobe, plus bedside table, bed, and chair.

Are the children grouped for bedrooms by age group?

Will the English classes be led in English?
None of our English teachers are Hungarian. English classes will be conducted only in English.

If I’m staying for multiple weeks, is it possible to go home on Saturday evening and return Sunday morning?
Yes, but there are some classes which have final challenges starting around 21:00 Saturday and last two hours. If you do not wish to participate in this you can go home at any time, either in the afternoon or evening, but just be aware that you may miss some programs.

Are the showers in the hallway?
The showers are not shared among floors. The layout is more like a hotel or youth hostel, with each of the rooms having their own access to a shared bathroom between just two rooms.

Why are there only three sessions of camp?
Because we have the entire dormitory to ourselves. Better that we have more people in the same place at the same time, so we can make more friends at one time.

My daughter is allergic to milk protein (cannot eat any dairy or dairy-containing products containing milk protein). Are you able to provide her with proper meals?
Yes. We have two doctors on-site who are with us day and night. A special kitchen will prepare the food for any campers who have special dietary requirements, Plus the kids have the option of having a ‘food box’ they can keep at the buffet and eat between meals if necessary. They always have access to the buffet and their food. Not to mention we can supply them anything immediately if they need it.

Do the photography campers need to bring their own camera?
We have some cameras for any children that don’t have their own. Most do bring their own, but this isn’t mandatory.

Can we pay by bank transfer?
Yes, you may pay by bank transfer. We can issue a certificate for this as it must come to us in the form of a donation to our foundation.

I want to choose English, but I’m really bad at it—will I still be able to join?
Even if you’re an absolute beginner you can join the English language camp. However, our English classes are held entirely in English, so we’ll leave it up to you as to whether you’re comfortable with that or not.

I would like to pick up my son on Friday night. I want to thank everyone for putting on an amazing camp with an excellent atmosphere, delicious food, and professional organization, but due to unforeseen circumstances we need to travel on Saturday. Please let me know where I can find him and who I need to speak to when I arrivet!
On Friday night we’ll all likely be in the Hangar, so it should be easy to find us all. Make sure to swing by the cafeteria to get credit for unused points there. If you have any trouble finding us or your son, please call the camp’s mobile number, which can be found on the Contacts of our website. Thanks for everything!

Why is camp starting later this year?
So we can receive more international students. Many other countries can come only in August as their school does not end until the last week of July.

Do I really have to pay only 50% if I bring 3 new campers?
Yup! Even if you’re new yourself, or if you’ve been here before and just finally convinced 3 friends to join!

Can you accept children from outside Hungary?
Yes. About 20% of our campers come from outside Hungary. Many of them select the Hungarian language option in camp.

You said the prepaid buffet card system is very secure, and the buffet ladies are always checking cards against their respective holders. However, my son, at the request of his roommate, used his roommate’s card to buy something and had no issue-with no one confirming it wasn’t his card he was buying things with!
This is almost certainly not the case, or at least not 100% the case. We trust the buffet guys—they are not temporary staff and they come to know the children-this is one of the core tenants of our system. The buffet guys are generally aware of who children’s friends and roommates are and, while occasionally lenient on hard and fast rules, would never let any fraud occur. I, myself (Ater), sometimes give my card to others. I believe, on the whole, the buffet system works well, but if anyone has any issues there or anywhere please have them come to me and I’ll take care of it immediately—I don’t mind playing policeman!
If you’re concerned at all about unauthorized charges, we can provide you a statement of all the transactions attached to your son’s card and, if there is anything suspicious, we’ll refund you the charges.

I’m absolutely at my wit’s end! I have no idea what happened, but my son’s clothes were ruined by some sort of dye at camp. No matter what I try I can’t seem to get the color out of his clothes. I’ve even tried industrial bleach, but the stains won’t budge. When he was still at camp, he washed his clothes in the tap, but that didn’t work. I continued when he got home, but to no avail. I’ve soaked his shirt and pants for three days—my house stinks of bleach and his expensive boardshorts are ruined!
I have no idea what happened. For sure the children end up messy in lots of ways, with us, with other children, in some of our events. There was a ‘water battle’, in which most children were wearing bathing suits. We were aware that some children’s clothes may have been expensive, so we tried to use non-staining, non-lasting dye. We used tempera paint, which is water-based, and we didn’t see any other issues with it. I’m so sorry this happened, but hopefully you succeed in getting the stains out!

I was shocked when my son called me to say that his Anonymous mask was stolen, although it was hidden inside his hat. He spent the rest of the night wandering around looking for it. I know it isn’t ideal to advertise this, but as a parent, I’m worried.
When thefts occur in camp, a solid 90% is just because kids are fooling around with each other. There are lots of teachers and counselors keeping an eye on things at all times. Unfortunately there are some children who think things are funny when they aren’t. Rarely is there malice in mischief at camp—most things are simply intended as a joke. Though we have had extreme cases, as well (in 2001) where we later found out that one camper was a kleptomaniac. We should note that every camper has a lockable cabinet-they only need to ask us for a key. But certainly this is an issue and we thank you for bringing it to our attention.

My daughter just turned 10, but she is 150 cm tall and 50 kg. According to the waterpark’s website, she needs to be 12 to use the slides. However, I have given her permission on the application form to use the slides, since she loves slides and said she ‘might die’ if she couldn’t use them.
There are smaller slides as well, and our trips to the waterpark are more about the pools rather than the slides. There are many possibilities to have fun in the water, though-everything will be alright. I am saying this because I haven’t heard from a single kid that they didn’t have tons of fun during a waterpark visit!

What should my 7-year-old bring?
We say camp is like an extended family holiday. True, there are no parents, but we try to stand in for them. We sent a letter with details on what should be packed for camp. There’s been no significant change from previous years. We also recommend watching our movies on YouTube for specific subject details.

How independent is my child expected to be?
The children will be expected to dress and bathe themselves and keep their rooms clean and orderly, but beyond that we can help if they need assistance. There are roughly six campers to each staff member, so one of us is never far away if help is needed.

How much clothing should I pack?
We have washing machines and can help wash if necessary, but you should pack a change of clothes for each day you’ll be at camp. And probably a couple extra, too—due to weather or fun, a pair of clothes may get dirty or wet and you might want to change.

Can I decide to stay for another week once I’m already at camp?
Yes, you can. It’s not entirely uncommon for campers to come for the first time, spend one or two weeks with us, and then decide they’re really enjoying themselves and learning a lot, and then staying longer. There may not always be space based on how full an individual week is, but usually we can accommodate the request, particularly if a camper is there alone or wants to stay and his or her friends can’t. Obviously one extra week is much different than two—we may have a hard time accommodating that, but we’ll do what we can.

What is the ‘support’ payment?
We are a foundation, which means our revenue is the result of donations from you. Companies, individuals, and parents of the campers support us, but at the end of the day, all our expenses must be covered by donations and all donations go right back into the camp.

What kind of accommodation do you have?
Two double rooms joined by a shower and toilet.

Where do we eat?
In the dining room in the Hangar. In the yard, when there is jousting. But there are also parties where we will all cook. You don’t have to worry that you’ll just be left with a loaf of stale bread, however-there’s always plenty of food and counselors and chefs to help if you need anything. As last resorts, there is a road to a nearby McDonald’s and a pizzeria—OK, we’re half joking… half…

I’m 11. Where should I go?
Look at all our theme choices and decide what you want. Needless to say the choice isn’t terribly important if you’re interested in similar topics. For example: photography and media are largely compatible. If you want to study a language, however, it’s quite important to stick with it.

Who does the cooking?
The chefs. Sometimes you. Occasionally the pizzeria. And even more occasionally, Ronald McDonald.

I can not load your page! What should I do?
No problem. Contact us by phone, letter, e-mail, but preferably as soon as possible, because the most important thing is for us to figure out what’s wrong. It may have been the server crashed without us noticing.

How can I pay?
You should forward payment before the camp begins via (1) bank transfer, (2) cash. For transfer: it’s important to complete the information properly and provide us with your details so we can offer the certificate of sponsorship. For cold, hard cash: you may pay in the PEOPLE TEAM office.

There is a buffet everywhere?
The buffet card is only available for use in the buffet in the Hangar. Is this what you mean? It’s a snack bar, which is also a sort of logistics center for the camp.

I am interested in the Photography camp but am curious what ages and activities are included.
We will break out into 6-10 kids for individual photo groups. Whether your interests are big or small, whether you’re experienced or not, you’ll find something you’re interested in: Camera Obscura, analog photography, digital photography, image processing, etc. We will have nature photographers, reporters, and proven professionals joining us at camp.

What is registration fee and what is foundation?
Each registration fee supports the foundation. All payments will be offered a certificate attesting to the donation to our foundation. In other words, everyone who supports the foundation secures one week of camp. All paid applications will receive a certificate of donation along with their receipt.

What level of knowledge is required in the Hungarian as a foreign language camp? One of our daughters speaks Hungarian very well-would it be useful to her as well?
There will be a Hungarian Literature course; for those who speak Hungarian well we definitely recommend it because it offers a number of options therein with other children who have a good command of the language.

Can I come to camp, or is it only open to members of the foundation?
I think you misunderstood. The foundation has no members, save its Board of Trustees, who manage the organization. Anyone who would like to can come to camp!

What is the minimum age of campers? If two children sign up for different morning sessions, will they be in common afternoon activities, or will they remain separate?
The minimum age of campers is seven. Everyone lives in the same place, and afternoon and evening programs are common.

My granddaughter is just 7 years old and wants to join the Green Camp. Will there be children her age in Green Camp as well?
Yes, the Green Camp has several leaders who offer different lessons and sections based on the age and relative experience of the campers. The headings of sections may appear to be quite mature or advanced, but rest assured our lessons are geared towards the age of the camper they are presented to.

It isn’t normal, however, for a child to start at 14 to sign up for Hungarian language camp who hasn’t had anything to do with the language before (perhaps they understand it well, just don’t speak)? What is their goal? To get a taste for the language, or to develop a more meaningful grasp of fluency?
If she doesn’t plan on continuing her studies beyond camp, it may not make sense to come for 2-3 weeks. If a usable foundation is to be built, however, PT-camp does offer high-intensity subject-matter in our lessons, so it really matters what your ultimate aim is. We ask in return:
 (1) Does she indeed not speak a word in Hungarian? 
(2) What is her reason for choosing Hungarian as a foreign language camp? 
(3) What will she do after learning Hungarian this summer? Will she continue her studies? We can offer customized sessions, of which we’ve had numerous examples in recent years, we just need to know the needs of the individual applicant.

Can you please send us more information on the Hungarian program? We live in the United States and our 14-year-old daughter does not speak Hungarian very well, but would like to learn.
We have many students who join us from abroad, including some who speak basically no Hungarian, but either are Hungarian or have Hungarian roots. They usually have parents who are Hungarian but haven’t been able to find local Hungarian language lessons and we—no matter how old or young the children are—would like to make up for this. Everyone in the Hungarian sections will have lessons in the morning. The classes are conducted in Hungarian, but if your children are at a beginner level, not to worry because all of our staff speaks English as well. And even if they don’t participate in the Hungarian language lessons, most everyone else speaks Hungarian, so they can always practice throughout the rest of camp!

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Iroda: H–1028 Budapest, Tárkony u. 76.
Tábor: H–6000 Kecskemét, Homokszem u. 3–5.